Frequently Asked Questions

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before installation:

We take a minimum of a day and a maximum of 2 days to install the application because of its nature, it's an online service.

This is an online application that will be hosted under the client's domain, or accessible via the default domain ( If the client have a website, the application will be linked to the website.

The most exceptional feature of the application is it's accessibility, wherever and whenever because is online. Other wonderful features include, invoices & receipts, monthly & yearly reports, bed levy calculations, online room service, HR and Stock Inventory.

Before using the application we encourage our client's to explore all available features per package then choose the one that will suit their needs. To get the best experience by exploring the chosen package,
please fill the package selection form under the Explore link.

We are based in Gaborone but that is irrelevant since we are not restricted by distance to assist our clients as stated above.